Noble Ministries is a Christian faith-based, non-profit, public charity, operating under 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

We exist to:

  • Help people rediscover their God-designed identity and destiny
  • Assist people in overcoming their emotional wounds, fears and discouragements
  • Offer encouragement and renewal
  • Provide training in pastoral care

Our Mission:


The people having the most positive influence on society are those who are tri-dimensionally whole (meaning spirit, soul, and body), thus functioning as the most free, confident, loving, wise, joyful, generous and creative people on the planet!

The process of becoming whole requires role models and leaders who are themselves whole. We facilitate healing and equipping for emerging leaders to become just that. By helping leaders become prosperous in their souls, we benefit the multitudes.



In order to carry out our mission of providing rest, refreshing, new perspective and healing, Noble Ministries provides three main venues of service:

  • Transformational Life Coaching/Prayer Ministry
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Private Healing Retreats

What is “Transformation Prayer Ministry”?


The Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) Basic Training Seminar Manual defines TPM as, “Intentional and focused prayer with the desired outcome of an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ, resulting in mind renewal and subsequent transformed life.”

Transformation Prayer is a ministry of prayer that is Christ centered and God-reliant for its direction and outcome. Simply stated, it is encouraging a person to discover and expose what he believes that is a falsehood; and then encouraging him to have an encounter with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in prayer, thus allowing the Lord to reveal His truth to the wounded person’s heart and mind. It is not about the prayer facilitator advice giving, diagnosing problems, or sharing opinions or insight. It is about allowing a person to have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus in the midst of the person’s emotional pain. It is the Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth and it is He that intercedes for us in prayer to the Father. The Apostle desired to “know Him” (Phil. 3:10) and experience Him; “Him” being the person of Jesus.

Who are you accountable to?

Noble Ministries has a small Board of Directors, a large network of advisors, and is a member of International Fellowship of Ministries (IFM), Global Legacy, and Care Givers Forum.

Neil Harmsworth: Life Coach and Master Mariner


Neil’s Journey


Neil’s prayer counseling expertise comes from his own healing journey combined with thorough training and thousands of hours of application of this amazing method. Paralleling his passion for seeing people set free to follow their dreams is Neil’s love of the sea and boats. Neil is a licensed Master Mariner (Captain), and has been working and playing on the water since childhood. He has extensive experience in boat handling, including working tugs, sailing vessels, tour boats and vessel assist response. Neil’s all-time favorite ministry is to take people out on the water while leading them on an encounter with the Living Creator!

Ministry/ Missions background includes…

’80-’90 10 yrs with Nootka Mission Association – Esperanza B.C. – (mission station to Nootka Indians, Vancouver. Is. Canada)
’90 Link Care Missions – Fresno, CA – (Christian Psychology training)
’95 Youth With A Mission (YWAM) – Kona, HI – (6 mo. Crossroads Discipleship Training School and outreach to Ukraine)
’95-’96 Barnabas Family Ministries – Keats Is., B.C. – (Family camp and conference center)
’96-’97 Exchanged Life Ministries – Aurora, CO- (Christ-centered counseling, training and internship)
’97-pres. Various church roles- teaching, worship team, Elder
’98-pres. Family Foundations International – Level 1, level 2 and Facilitator trainings. (inner healing)
’99-pres. Theophostic Ministry – Basic and Advanced Training (mind renewal healing prayer ministry), including “Difficult cases” course
’02-’05 YWAM Discovery Bay, Port Townsend, WA – (Staff Pastoral Care, Leadership Team, Discipleship Training Staff with outreach to China)
’05-pres. Founding President of ‘Noble Maritime Ministries’, Licensed minister with International Fellowship of Ministries (IFM)
’12-pres. Life Coaching training (through Bethel Coaching)

Personal Background


D.O.B. Nov. 18, 1954
Married to wife, Kathy, 1985
Three married adult children and two grandchildren

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