How do you become fully “you”?


There is most certainly a benevolent Creator God who designed each of us to enjoy and fulfill a certain destiny on earth. Some call it our “dream”. Most people haven’t even discovered theirs, and of those who have, many will say something like, “Well, yes, I have a dream, but I can’t do it.” They give reasons such as, “I’d like to do my dream, but it is too big for me!”

This is where we come in


The truth is, that when God puts a dream in your heart, He has also fully equipped you with the capacity to succeed in it. The problem is, we have been wounded along the way and have come to believe lies about ourselves, which rob from us our life purpose.

We, at Noble Ministries, facilitate personal encounters with the Designer right in the pain-filled places where deception was planted. When the One who created us shares His truth with us, deception is replaced with truth and light. Pain leaves instantly!

A renewed mind empowers you to be more fully ‘you’!

It is an absolute thrill to watch people transformed before my very eyes! It is supernatural, and the freedom is permanent!

-Capt. Neil H. Harmsworth


“…full emotional development offers the greatest degree of leverage in attaining our full potential.”


-Peter Senge- “The Fifth Discipline”

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