Feelings – What should we do with them?

In my 35+ years of following and serving the Lord, I have been blessed by wise input from many sources. The most helpful insight I have received to date, the God-inspired principles that turned on the “afterburners” of personal growth and liberty for me, the keys that are so simple, yet so deep are these:

  1. In western culture, we are taught to value our intellect, our mind. Anything regarding emotions or feelings is viewed as suspect and unreliable. Yet scientific research proves that when a person encounters trauma or stress, they will always act out of their emotional, not intellectual, beliefs.

  2. You and I feel what we believe; e.g., say all you want that you trust God, but if you feel fear in a situation, that emotion actually indicates an inner belief of fear and will be the motivating factor for your reaction.

  3. There is a simple and permanent way to change wrong beliefs to align with biblical truth: Mind renewal – (Rom 12:2) – and that doesn’t mean just memorizing more scripture verses relating to your issue! We must get our true “heart belief” to line up with God’s truth and that can only come with revelation from God’s Spirit in prayer.

    These principles were taught to me by Dr. Ed Smith’s ministry, “Transformation Prayer Ministry”, and have totally transformed the fruitfulness of my ministry to hurting individuals. We are seeing people experiencing lasting and permanent peace from their specific pain after only a couple of sessions.

See www.transformationprayer.org for more information.

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