Powerfully Effective Ways to Communicate Love
JULY 2024

Why is it so important to communicate love to people without words? 

Communicate Love

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Did you realize that we are designed with a “joy center” in our brains that has receptors for joy and significance? The healthy development of the central nervous system in an infant is dependent on seeing delighted smiles, hearing happy voices, and feeling gentle and loving touch. We have all experienced how easy & natural it is to smile at a baby with delight and wonder, touch their skin, and speak words of love and joy to them!

In an interview with Michel Hendricks, one of the authors of the book, “The Other Half of the Church” he refers to a scientific study of infants proving these stimuli are critical for the two sides of the brain to develop properly! Incredible! He reported that this need for affirmation in the way of positive words, touch and smiles continues into adulthood. Messages that communicate “It is a joy to be with you” is the catalyst for growth and transformation!

As believers, we intuitively know that the Father created us with this need so we could experience, in increasing measure, how delighted Father God is with us, which comes through personal encounters with Him. For our spiritual survival, like our physical brain development, we must have encounters with God’s love where we hear Him tell us “I Am delighted to be with you”, “you bring delight to My heart because you are My child”, “I love you just the way you are, period”. If you’ve never ‘heard’ Him say these things to you (He speaks in many different ways if we’re listening), go ahead & ask Him. He is waiting to tell you how precious you are to His heart!

Following this then, because I know His love, I can see others through His eyes as lovable, even in their messes. With this powerful belief that people are worthy of love and honor, just like I am, I may transmit God’s love effectively.

How can we powerfully communicate love? 
-Looking someone in the eye and thinking God’s thoughts, “you are so valuable, I bless you”, “ You are so very loved”, “I am delighted to be with you!”
-Asking questions and actually listening to them.
-Practice putting a smile on your face all the time – when passing someone on the sidewalk or in the store – or even at home with your family!
-When greeting guests to our home, we try to meet them on the front porch, smiling and welcoming them with “I’m so glad you came!”
Delight on your face is a very powerful message, in fact life-giving!


To watch this video testimony, please click here: https://vimeo.com/968356904


Practicing The Way:
Be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do the things Jesus did
- Book by John Mark Comer

(Our church is studying this resource)



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