MARCH 2023
New life is springing up all around us as God pours out His Spirit on all flesh!



In the last year we almost lost a fine leader to kidney failure. In this short voice message, Greg Johnson of Stonewater Ranch thanks you “Noble Friends” for praying him and his family through to renewed life!

To listen to the full 3 min testimony, click the link here.



Leaders ask me, “If life is supposed to be easy and light why am I exhausted and burdened?

Whether mothering a couple of children or ‘mothering’ a massive organization, it is very common for leaders to find their identity and sense of value in what they do. Good people wear out because of ignorance of this idolatrous treadmill!

We’ve been “sold a bill of goods”! We’ve been lied to!

Jesus says, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matt 11:28,30

A while ago I asked God, “Why is my life so burdensome?”

He answered me through a picture.

I saw in heaven joy-filled, aborted, and miscarried children. The message being related to my heart was, “These children, who did not even have one minute on the planet to earn value, are loved, and valued completely by Me. Same goes for you, Neil!” Wow, mind renewal!

He continued, “If you are working/serving to find value, you will ever be frustrated and burdened because you are chasing an unattainable illusion!” 

I asked, “Why then work hard for you Lord?”
“Good question, son. If you want to bring delight to My heart by loving Me, believing truth and re-presenting Me well, I will enjoy partnering with you in the work (yoke), but you won’t ever be able to rest if you serve for your self-worth.”

We know rationally that our value is found in God alone but very often our hearts are afraid that, if I don’t do_________ and do it perfectly (or until I’m exhausted), I will be worthless and rejected!

Fear-motivated work is burdensome! 

How to know if I’ve been conned, and I am chasing a lie?
Imagine for a moment the Lord tells you to stop doing that noble thing you’ve been doing.
For me, it was picturing never again helping anyone become a more prosperous soul through Transformational Life Coaching. 

If, at the thought of that, I sensed any heart level resistance or fear, those emotions may well indicate that my serving is to some degree about medicating a fear-radiating lie about what makes me valuable.

On the other hand, because I felt peace, I can be pretty sure that my service isn’t diluted (as it used to be) with idolatry, and therefore will be more pure, powerful, and much less burdensome.

Fear, and especially lie based identity fears like, “I am not valuable” or “not worthy of love” are heavy weights on our soul that we weren’t designed to carry. 

Again, Jesus says,” Come to Me, and I will give you rest.”
“Rest” comes when we uncover a lie, hand it over to Jesus and in exchange He speaks divine truth such as, “you are Mine, and that alone makes you valuable!”

Truth will give you wings! Enjoy!


A team is needed to take a “divine idea” to the world! Neil has roughed out 12 chapters of a story series that, while entertaining, will also impart little known keys to successful citizenship in the Kingdom. Any gifted and anointed writers, editors, publisher of audio books and movies are welcome to apply!

The Impact of a Divine Idea!


Thanks again to you Noble friends who stepped up recently to help with the new bed for the guest room, and the meeting of our year end and monthly increase goals! We appreciate you!

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