“Somehow, before we even boarded the boat in Anacortes, WA, we felt safe and valued! When ushered to our beautifully private stateroom, our stresses and fears began to melt away, and our hearts turned towards God’s life-giving Presence.
… Neil and Kathy are gifted at creating a reassuring atmosphere that was a medley of Master Mariner, pastor/healer, and gracious hospitality, all infused with this supernatural Presence thing that inspires Hope. It’s unexplainable!
Highlights for me were being at anchor in a stunningly beautiful bay at sunset after a day of encounters with God’s redeeming love and feeling a peace more profound than I have ever experienced.
The shipboard life, otter, bald eagles, porpoise, snow-capped mountains, good food, healing prayer sessions, rest, and fellowship all contributed toward a renewed intimacy with God and hope for the future.”
– Grateful New Friend!

Somehow, before we even boarded the boat in Anacortes, WA, we felt safe and valued!”

(The above testimony and following commentary is a compilation of actual events and words from real people to anonymously tell a truthful story.)

Let’s call them Bill and Mary. They had led two congregations over the course of a dozen years, and it nearly destroyed them! When we met this couple, they had been out of “the ministry” for nineteen years, and yet when they spoke about their time in the pastorate, it was still so painful that tears quickly welled up.
I asked Mary, “What do you enjoy? What gives you life?” She broke down even more as she replied that two joys in her life had been music and entertaining guests in their home. However, she now avoided these activities because they brought back the painful memories of her experiences as a pastor’s wife and worship leader in their church.
This is a classic example of how the gifts and graces given by God, that are meant to fulfill us and express His love to the world, can be shut down by unresolved emotional pain.

Serious Problem

Most leaders have not been equipped with effective, healthy tools to understand and resolve emotional pain, both in themselves and others.

For decades statistics have shown that 1,500 ministers leave the ministry every month, in North America alone!

Who is going to help these precious and gifted people be restored to life and fruitfulness? Or even better, help them before they burn out?

We at Noble Ministries care, and our solutions work!
Our passion is to help people discover and renew their heart-level belief systems, liberating them to walk in greater success.
We deliver the healing love of God to these leaders in unique and powerful ways.

One way is The Private Healing Boat Retreat.
We took Bill and Mary away by boat for a three-day trip in the beautiful San Juan Islands. In that inspiring setting, they experienced relational safety, a private stateroom, healthy meals, rest and encouragement, and healing for their souls.

Here are some more ministry statistics:
90% of pastors are frequently fatigued, and worn out on a weekly or daily basis.
89% of all pastors have considered leaving the ministry.
57% of pastors would leave ministry if they had a better place to go.
77% of pastors say they do not have a good marriage.
38% of pastors are divorced or seriously considering divorce.
30% of pastors said that they have had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a parishioner.

(Source: 2007, R.J. Krejcir Ph.D. Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development.https://www.truespirituality.org/)

“Feels like we’ve been resurrected! Thank you so much Noble Ministries.” – M.

Private Healing Boat Retreats

by Noble Ministries.  “Refreshing Souls on Living Waters”

Retreats are designed to promote heart healing and refreshing for leaders so that they may thrive in their life and calling.

shutterstock_42022054The Basic Three-Day Retreat:

Onboard a 64 ft. charter vessel, guests depart from Anacortes, WA and enjoy three nights among the beautiful islands of the Pacific NorthWest. Each trip accommodates one to three guests.

We have the option of customizing the length of a trip to fit the need. In order to create a more beneficial experience for our guests, two or more Basic Three-Day Retreats may be combined to create an extended cruise.

Guests stay in private cabins with their own head (bathroom) and shower. All meals and refreshments are included.


Monetary Value of the 3-Day Retreat:

The industry standard for the crewed charter of such a vessel is $3,000 and up per day. This does not include extra benefits such as Transformation Prayer Ministry.

Noble Ministries guests receive the discounted price of $500 per day. This includes boat and professional crew, accommodations, meals, Transformation Prayer Ministry sessions, and basic fuel package.

Scholarships may be available after guests have personally paid a minimum of  $100 per day.

The Eternal Value? Priceless!


What is it worth to heal the heart of a leader?

Do the math: Gracious hospitality + enjoying the Pacific NW islands aboard a handsome vessel = transformed lives and more healthy leaders.

We have observed what can happen when leaders don’t heal: Ministers leaving church and faith in God, ex-pastors working at Home Depot, bitter missionaries home from the field, broken marriages and families, not to mention the collateral damage to a congregation and damage to the gospel message in a community.

However, we have also had the privilege of being intimately involved in success stories, such as the pastor who didn’t burn out but is actually thriving and increasingly fruitful; the missionary who didn’t quit in bitterness and leave the field, but his harvest is increasing; and broken ministers who were restored and returned to fulfilling service!

Bill Strobles says, Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”

God is eager and able to transform lives, and we are prepared and willing to participate. Will you invest with us in restoring lives?
The more you invest, the more we can take people away with Jesus.
Jesus said to His weary leadership team,
Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.’ So they departed to a deserted place in the boat by themselves.” Mark 6

Join the miracle!

Capt. Neil Harmsworth
Noble Ministries

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