What is a Prosperous Soul Workshop?

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Keys for Increasing Your Peace

  • Are you carrying around painful memories that affect your current happiness?
  • Do you struggle with fear or shame?
  • Is anger hurting your relationships?
  • Do you find it hard to forgive?
  • Would you like to walk through a life of challenges with a sense of peace?

If your answer is yes, this one day event could change your life!

Learn a supernatural, simple approach to increase your peace.

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Ancient Wisdom:


Scripture teaches us that “even as our soul prospers”, all the other areas of our life will prosper (3John 2). Relationships, finances, sex life, pursuit of our destiny, you name it, plus physical health, will progressively prosper as our soul prospers. The primary attribute of a prosperous soul is PEACE.

Jesus made every provision and paid all the bills for us to live an abundant life! (John 10:10)

You may be saying, “That sounds nice but how do I get there from here?” How to get from where you are now toward supernatural peace is exactly what we will teach you at this workshop.

Participants will take away:

  • greater confidence in hearing God’s voice personally
  • understanding of what IS a prosperous soul and how to accelerate that journey
  • a simple strategy for resolving the emotional pain that drives undesirable behaviors
  • insight into how this strategy relates to effective parenting/grandparenting.
  • priority placement in ‘Level 2’ events

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Prosperous Soul Workshop Level 2


(For those who have completed a Prosperous Soul Level 1 Workshop)

Gain more powerful keys for increasing personal peace, plus an intro into how to help others with these tools. Neil will teach you the secret to getting “unstuck”, and lead you to discover the reasons you can’t seem to be who you want to be and do what you want to do!
Topics covered will include:
•Resolving disappointments and grief that undermine faith in God such as, “God, I trusted you and You let me down!” or, “If God is loving, why isn’t He doing something about….?”
•Why we get stuck in life and how to get unstuck
•More practice with the basics of mind renewal & belief systems, and how to assist others in the prosperous soul journey
•How bad dreams are an opportunity!

We will again share insights, personal testimony and steps to increase freedom for you and those you love.
This Workshop is a prerequisite to the Prosperous Soul Internship Program – “Becoming a Supernatural Transformational Life Coach”

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