Prayer Ministry

Neil Harmsworth, Noble Ministries founder and president, is trained in the Transformation Prayer Ministry method, Bethel Sozo, and Life Coaching. He has been successfully using these tools in ministry to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit in setting people free. Many times recipients who have been seeking help for years have been amazed that after only one or two sessions here, they have found a freedom and peace for which they have been longing but not finding elsewhere. They get excited about their healing journey and continue to seek more of God’s freedom, knowing He has so much more for us than we can imagine.

    Prayer Ministry is not traditional counseling, diagnosing, giving direction, providing steps of action, or the facilitator solving a person’s problems.

    Prayer Ministry is a trained and experienced facilitator assisting the recipient to uncover why they feel and think, and therefore act, the way they do, and helping them receive revelation that renews their mind.

    Thinking and feeling come from a belief system. Belief systems are primarily established at a very young age. Without the benefit of experience and wisdom, children tend to make false conclusions about their value and potential (destiny).  Then, if not resolved, they spend the rest of their life using coping systems to avoid the pain of those early beliefs. Beliefs established in our past can only be changed by an encounter with the Creator who creates – and recreates – by speaking truth to our hearts.

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    Besides using this ministry method himself, Neil conducts interactive workshops to equip others to do the same.

    To contact Neil for personal prayer ministry,

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Every single event we have experienced in our life was interpreted and evaluated by our mind before being filed away in our memory banks. What if, as a child I made some incorrect conclusions? Do you suppose that might have an  effect on how I see myself now as an adult? Absolutely!

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