Brittney is a young and passionate professional serving as the Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at a vibrant church of 2700. Her duties include leading and caring for 30 volunteer leaders. Listen to her share about her journey of transformation, which is already being multiplied in her congregation:

Her gift for teaching and preaching shines through as she delivers transformative messages to young adult groups, and occasionally on Sunday mornings for the entire congregation. Balancing her duties with the joys of married life, Brittney’s leadership and genuine care inspire those around her to pursue a path of spiritual growth and love.

“I was constantly battling something!”

“Before meeting, my mind raced from sunup to sundown with guilt, anxious thoughts, worry, shame and doubts. I was constantly battling something!

Since then, I have laughed more than I have in years. I have peace! I genuinely smile. I genuinely feel happy. I don’t have chaos and turmoil in my brain and in my thoughts. The overwhelming feelings are peace and joy!

It’s just been an amazing experience! I know I owe it all to God but I’m also grateful for an amazing facilitator!”

Thank you so much,
J.G. Seattle,WA
– Wife and mother of two

3 min audio testimony.
  • The more I had been in private practice as a licensed therapist, the more it became apparent I needed more therapy myself! In my search for tools in my own work, I discovered Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM). The results have been amazing, humbling, healing, and freedom-producing in my own life. And that brings me to Neil Harmsworth, who used TPM in his ministry to me. He is not a "therapist", but his skills and partnership with God to facilitate healing are unmistakable. He is kind, wise, trustworthy, and immensely gifted. He listens and hears, he is focused and purposeful, and his ability is honed with depth and insight. I have come to trust in Neil's ability to "know" what needs to happen next in a session, to understand the process of healing, and to pace the time in such a way that there is breakthrough and peace. My heart is more open to the life of God and to others as a result. I am so grateful!

    Patricia Lyon MA, LMHC
  • He entered into the room and sat down at the kitchen table next to me as I struggled to complete the algebraic equation. I looked up from my 9th grade textbook in tears, believing I was a complete failure, to see him gazing into my eyes. He placed his hand on my shoulder, pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “You are significant because I created you… I created you because you bring me joy and I love you!”

    Moments later, I opened my eyes and realized that the Holy Spirit had mended a broken belief I had held onto for the better part of my life – that I was insignificant and worthless. Freed from this fear, my heart began to soar considering the possibilities of my present and my future. As a former youth pastor, now missionary who had strived to please everyone, I found strength and hope that I was created to bring pleasure to an audience of one – my Heavenly Father.


    I had just completed a session with Neil and was now sitting quietly, contemplating my encounter with the Lord. Neil gave me time to ponder and invited me to close my eyes, put on some headphones, and listen as worship music soaked into my newly repaired heart. I was moved into pure joy as the words of a particular song washed over my heart, reminding me that I’m no longer a slave to fear… I am a child of God (Bethel Music©). I am a child of God… and He sees significance in me!

    Looking back at that moment years ago, I can see, now, how God was at work to draw me closer to His heart, to position me in a place where I could hear His voice. He knew that the enemy of my heart had lied to me long ago and it was time to free me of my captivity to fear – fear of significance, value, and qualification.

      "The souls of ministry leaders need care just as much as those they serve."  

    Today, as an associate with a ministry that comes alongside pastors and missionaries, helping them be effective in life and ministry, I am well aware that the souls of ministry leaders need care just as much as those they serve. And God has placed an overwhelming heart of compassion in me to lean into their needs, to listen and use the same methods (that benefited my own heart) to help bring healing to theirs.


    God’s use of Noble Ministries has deeply impacted the trajectory in my own life and ministry. Were it not for Neil’s heart to minister to ministers and for the work of the Holy Spirit intersecting my life at a critical point of time and ministry, I might have missed the target of God’s best for my life – a thriving, authentic faith!

    J.L. from Western WA
  • “I’ve had 2 sessions and I’m amazed at what came out…there were some things there that I didn’t even realize were there, yet they surfaced pretty easily… Giving that over to [God] and thinking about having a different kind of relationship is exciting to me.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this affects my relationships even with my children and my husband.  I’m amazed at how God can enter any of those memories, and that He can reveal those truths about who I am - who He has created me to be.  I’m looking forward to going home and walking in this new light—new revelation.”

    Kim Johnson Wife, and mother of four
  • “…the comfort, the care, the hospitality, that you guys give just set the stage for bringing great peace to my heart, a readiness to go to prayer and a trust to go with you, Neil, to seek the Lord for healing of emotional pain and wounds that I had with my father.  I thank you for allowing God to minister through you to me.”

    Monique Woodward - Marriage and family ministries
  •     “My role as Pastor of a thriving multi staff church has presented many challenges, which have hooked deeply into my past fear of failure, self-defeating patterns of belief, and ways of responding to conflict. It has been my privilege to prayerfully and Biblically dialogue through these with Neil, which has led me to a deeper appreciation for God’s grace and the way He views me. Aided by his thoughtful guidance, I have been able to walk away from half-truths and lies about myself that I have hung onto for decades.

        Today I am experiencing a freedom and rest in my personal spiritual life, as well as an enjoyment and confidence in my professional responsibilities, that is new to my experience!

        I have found Neil to be sensitive to the demands of leadership and the priorities of marriage and family. He has consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity in regards to my time, resources, and responsibilities. Beyond all this, he has modeled the same in regards to his own life and family as well. He has become a good friend whose motives and counsel I trust without reservation.”

    Rusty Van Deusen Pastor

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